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Becca & Brent Engagement

Oh these two cuties were a delight! So much of my job consist of taking photos (obviously), but another large part of my job is getting to know my clients. As many know meeting new people can be daunting especially when you are being hired to capture “the most important day of their life”.

I met Brent and Becca for the first time as there wedding photographer at Scout Coffee. For those who haven’t figured this out by now, I am an avid coffee drinker! Getting to know them, hearing about there day, every element of our first meet up was awesome.

Brent and Becca are planning a beautiful Summer wedding at Loomis Ranch for this June! The other super fun part about their wedding in particular is that it will actually take place on my Birthday! Normally, I would look at an inquiry for my birthday, and be like, “PASS”. BUT The gorgeous venue they chose paired with the overall cuteness of these two had me sold.

Hearing about there wedding plans at our first coffee meet up was so much fun. Going for a simple, rustic and fun day they are going to be incorporating shades of blue and green with the main inspiration coming from the colors and shades of a blue hydrangea. First off, how awesome is it that they not only had chosen a color but that they based all of their colors off of the shade from a flower! Also, yay blue! I am so over pinks lol.

As we finished up our coffee we set a date for their engagement session and started to mull over location ideas. These two made the decision of Bishop’s Peak. Evidently enough I had never shot here before. NOW That I have from this shoot, it is one of my top recommendations! The sun, the shade, the rocks, the trees, the grass! The little nature fairy inside of me was jumping for joy!

As we continued our conversation about there upcoming session, I asked if they would be used for their save the dates (Using your engagement photos for your save the date is a common practice)! Much to my surprise and delight, they are not. I mean yes I love when my photos are used, but their reason for not is even cooler! Brent actually designed there entire invitation suite! Not going to lie, grooms aren’t usually the most involved in their wedding planning; so to hear something so sweet and unique I was of course pumped for them both!

After our fun at Bishop’s Peak we headed to one of my favorite places, Terrace Hill, where they sported some matching tennis shoes. Further proving my point, that these two, are seriously the cutest!

I cannot wait for their June 2020 wedding at Loomis!

Also….. ^^^ This was my favorite shot from there session ^^^^