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Wedding Photography

Jessica and Anthony

When Jessica first contacted me to photograph hers and Anthony’s San Luis Obispo wedding I was so excited! I hadn’t yet met the two of them but knowing the venue they chose: The Grace Marilyn, I was thrilled!

Getting the chance to spend time with these two was such a treat and I quickly became more excited about it being there wedding rather then just the amazing venue they chose!

We started out with a cup of coffee and beer nearby for our first meeting. After chatting on the phone, emailing back and forth it was awesome to sit down and get to know these two prior to their engagement photography session in Santa Margarita! Of course the beer helped to cure some of the nerves caused by getting in front of the camera!

After our first location we headed out to Santa Margarita lake. On our way the groom suggested a turn off road where they dirt bike sometimes. We stopped on our way there when we came across this gorgeous bridge. I will be keeping this location as a special place for future shoots, just look how good this couple looks! The architecture surrounded by nature ties it all in!

Jess and Anthony were so much fun to hang out with and were all smiles! Dancing around the bridge and swaying with the trees made for some magical shots!

One super fun detail is both of Jessica’s dressed that she wore were less then $10 from SHEIN! Me and her get along great on the thrifty shoppers list! I actually found a few winter sweaters from that site per her recommendation!

AHHHH The lake, seriously these two are gorgeous! We got to the lake at a perfect time, as the wind blew and the sun dropped the golden hues were illuminated!

Having these two snuggle up next to each made for my favorite set of photos! Especially the third one in ^^^this^^^ series.

Letting these two take the lead with fun location suggestions that veered off from the original plan quickly became the thrill of the day! From the old bridge we found earlier on and then to our Sunset Location at the top of the Cuesta Grade, we were treated with some beautiful views!

Golden hour photography from the top of the Cuesta Grade make for a perfect sunset session!