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February 5, 2020

Brandon & Randi Beach Engagement

Brandon was referred to me by his sister Bri who I have been photographing since her college graduation a few years back. Naturally I was very excited to hear these two got engaged!

Brandon and Randi wanted to do a quick day trip down to Pismo from the Bay Area for some photos along the water! So we headed out to the Cliffs hotel in Pismo Beach!

The Cliffs offers this gorgeous pathway that leads down to the beach, so it was fun to photograph from the top cliff area, along the path, and down by the water.

It was low tide when we arrived so getting to walk out onto untouched areas of rock and algae made for some gorgeous engagement photographs.

Such a fun way to start the morning! Even with the gloomy sky, there sunny demeanor and sunny yellow dress made for some adorable portraits!

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