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March 21, 2020

The Vibe Retreat – Day 2 (Part2): Dunes Elopement Photographer

Part 2 of the Vibe Retreat Day 2 was a huge success of course. Heading out to the Oceano Dunes proved unique and fascinating. While we are normally given sunshine and tons of wind while out at the dunes, the soft grey sky provided a moodier look with less wind!

So fun that this couple got to model for us in their wedding dress and full outfit set. It was especially amazing because they never received wedding photos from their actual wedding.

The group in action, So fun to walk up to the top of the dunes and get a different perspective. My calves did not prefer the hike though.

And then we frolicked!

I’ve realized after combing through multiple weddings that I don’t have my bride and groom sit enough. Of course if they sit they might ruin that gorgeous dress! BUT The sand isn’t mud, so YAY! Look at these two killing it!

My last shot of the day was taught to me by the talented SAM! This double exposure was taken in camera, and it was so amazing!

Hair @hair_by_rena 
Makeup @fathombeautybyrenee 
Accessories @untamedpetals 
Flowers @samantha.josette 
Bride @danelleyyy .

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