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Got Extra Time During Lockdown? Work on your Wedding!

Things that most brides wait until the last minute on. Here is what you could be working on at the moment!

1. Assign a Point Person!

On the day of everyone, and I mean everyone will have a question for you. There are two options here. FIRST – Hire a Wedding Planner OR SECOND – Appoint a Point Person! Get someone in your corner to assist with answering those questions on the day. Make it your go to and make sure they know the game plan! A best man or maid of honor usually works!

2. Make a Plan for all the Extras!

You would be surprised how many little extra touches you will end up bringing to the ceremony. Maybe it’s a chalk board sign noting your wedding hashtag, wedding favors, or even deciding where the water dispenser is going and who is filling it up. Make yourself a little hand drawn map of where everything goes and list what goes in each section. Think through your day start to finish, and then get organized!

3. Ask a family member to be in charge of gifts and cards!

When you make that grand exit with the beautiful dip and kiss, you do not want to be worried about how your gift and cards are getting home! Put a family member in charge!

4. Confirm Delivery Times

When is the cake coming? When does the photo booth get set up? What time do the flowers arrive? Make sure they all fall within the timeline!

5. Write your vows!

Pretty self explanatory here, but its time! If you are doing traditional vows, then maybe consider writing a nice letter to your spouse. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a bride/groom write their vows the morning of! So HOP TO IT!

6. Schedule your appointments!

Tan? Wax? Dress Fitting? Pedicure? Manicure? Ring Shine? Tux Pick Up and Drop Off? Facial? All the things! Schedule them now, why not, what are you waiting for.

7. Pack your getting ready bag

8. Mail your photographer a few copies of your invitation

I mean check with them first, but if they are like me then they would love an excuse to use a camera.

9. Check in with your wedding party

For your guys:

Are the guys wearing matching glasses/socks? Has everybody been measured for their suit/tux? Do the groomsmen know the plan?

For your girls:

How are your girls? Do you have a plan for hair and make up: Everyone on their own, paying for the professionals, or coming ready to go? Matching earing styles? Color of shoes?

10. Break in them shoes!

Start wearing them shoes around the house. Break them in so they are super worn in! Make sure they are comfy and not creating any bumps or rubs.

11. Practice your Vows out loud!

You will be so emotional on your special day (yes grooms too) practicing them out loud will make sure it sounds great, and you won’t cry too hard.

12. Pack a kit for emergencies!

Mini deodorant, sewing kit, ibuprofen, mole skin, first aid, etc. Check Pinterest for ideas!! Hop to it. Ooooo, safety pins and tissues are always good to have on hand as well.

13. Make your must have music list!

Write down your favorite songs for your DJ! This takes time, lots of dancing means lots of music!

14. Prep your tip envelopes!

Feel like your vendors are rock stars, prep your tip envelopes with some cute thank you cards! Your vendors will appreciate it so much. Your kind words mean the most!

15. Get your beauty sleep!

Enjoy this time while you can, get in your extra snuggles with your fiance, and rest up. Not having to be somewhere can be freeing, so enjoy this lockdown time while you can and take care of yourself. I know we are all feeling so much, but breath in and out. Try and view this lockdown as an extra gift of time. Time with each other, time to sleep, time to relax, and time to exist alongside one another.