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SLO Town’s Favorite Locations for Portrait Photography and Videography

Talley Vineyards

Description: Talley is nestled into the rolling hills of Arroyo Grande. It offers golden hour sunsets, Colorful vine leaves, and a rustic asthetic.

Why we love it: This location offers a quaint bistro feel at the tasting house, gorgeous hill top views, a tree tunnel entrance, a rustic barn, and modern building architecture aesthetic.

Oceano Dunes

Description: Natural Hills of sand for miles with high dunes and low valleys.

Why we love it: These dunes are one of the only ones accessible to the public that you will find in the world. This location is perfect for portraits with a muted color backdrop drawing the focus to the subjects in the photo.

Maternity Videographer
Maternity Videographer

Madonna Mountain

Description: In a central location to SLO’s Downtown centre shops. this location offers oak trees, big lichen covered boulders, golden hillsides, and of course madonna mountains peak.

Why We Love it: This location is perfect for portraits that add natural colors to the backdrop of your photos. With greens in the winter and golden yellow in the summer, this location is very versatile in that it can be really what ever you need.

Pismo Beach

Description: Beach aesthetic with sand, Sea stacks, and cave systems.

Why we love it: Pismo Beach is a huge tourist destination because of its natural beauty. The geology in this area offers vibrant colors while the ocean and sand offers more muted tones. How great to have both in one location!

SLO’s Terrace Hill

Description: With an unobstructed view of the business side of SLO. This location offers a comfortable atmosphere on top of a beautiful hill that acts as a kind of island in the middle of town. Perfect perch for a picnic that is a five minute drive back into city centre.

Why we love it: This location is home to some of the best views in SLO city. These photos tend to be some of our clients favorite because of sights of some of SLO’s most iconic Features in the background.