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Tips for your Engagement Session

Your Engaged! Now how do you show it off?

Consider what you are using your engagement photographs for. Are they for a social media engagement announcement? For your save the dates? Your wedding invitations? Considering this major detail will help shape the rest of your engagement photo details!

Social Media Announcements tend to be more casual and have a fun celebration element to them. I.e. Balloons, chalkboard written announcements, confetti, etc. They also dont require getting perfectly dressed. A nice clean look in street clothes is all thats needed.

Save the dates tend to be more formal styled images with beautiful locations, new outfits and perfect hair and makeup. These photos tend to attract a real “WOW” factor and can get people really excited about your special day.

Wedding invitations usually reflect your wedding theme and colors and these should be considered when shooting your photographs. Either choosing a location with your colors in mind or clothes that get people ready for the kind of love they will get to be apart of for your wedding. Overall, think of the theme or mood you’r going for.

Hold On…

Engagement pictures aren’t just about the location and what you wear, they should be about your love story and how you express that love.

For Example:

Patrick and Kasie love to get dressed up and go out to fancy dinners, where we order over priced wine and split desert. Kasie has always pictured a vanity fair styled shoot for their couples photographs to show that side of them. However there is also the side of them that loves to lie around with their trusty pooch Koda and binge watch netflix, which is where they picture some in home candid moments of all three of them cuddled up on the couch. 

Where to shoot?! As you decide the theme, feel and look of your engagement pictures, the location will come next. Having a country wedding? Let’s find some grassy golden hills. Beach Wedding? Let’s leave the shoes at home and go for a walk on the beach at sunset. Black Tie Affair? Let’s break out your black and white attire and take some stunning and strong images that show off your fancy side. 

What to wear! By now I’m sure your starting to get a feel for what your engagement session is going to look like so the what to wear should be coming naturally. Whether you’re going formal, cozy sweater, country boots – some questions are bound to come up.

First Tip – Wear something comfortable! Give the outfit a test run. Make sure it flows right, and isn’t scratchy or uncomfortable in it. If it is that shows through in your images. 

Second Tip – Colors – Stay away from super bright and fluorescent colors. Unless we are doing a neon paint party shoot, then by all means dress like a highlighter. Solid colors and simple patterns are always a win. Don’t feel like you have to match perfectly. Pick complementary colors and go to town! When in doubt ask your photographer!  

Third Tip – Don’t be afraid to try different outfits on! If you want to do two or three outfit changes, let’s do it!

Hair and Makeup! Yes, Do It! Refer to our bridal beauty guide for more information! A good way to save some money and still have your hair and makeup done is to use your engagement photos for your bridal makeup trial run. Make sure it photographs and looks the way you want it to look the day you tie the knot!

Get to know your photographer!The best way to feel comfortable in front of a camera is to get to know the photographer behind the camera. Patrick and Kasie love to meet their couples for coffee or even a glass of wine. Let’s get together even if its just before the shoot to chat and get to know each other even more!