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Choosing the Perfect Elopement Location

The world is now open to you, because you’ve chosen to elope! This is a beautiful and amazing decision that comes with its own kind of stress. First up, just like a wedding, is location. Where am I going to elope?

Well, honey… You’ve got some choices to make!

Start with your grandest dreams from across the globe! ie. The Burmuda Triangle.

Then, go on to your favorite past experiences. Some of your favorite places you’ve already been too.

Throw some of your favorite elements on the list. ie. water, mud, clay, cement, trees, sand, metal, cloth.

Write down some of the senses you want engaged during your elopement. do you want the smell of candles burning? do you want to hear a live band playing. do you want to feel the ground beneath your toes? do you want your breathe taken by the sight of gorgeous views?

Another element to add is both of your lists. add them together and see if any are a match (made in heaven).

Now its time to narrow your list down and my advice…

A mind on your love for each other is a great place to start!