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SLO Town Studios

Around SLO // Summer 2021

SLO Town Studios Team

A time of change – With Summer comes sunshine and transformation; which seems to be the thematic of the season in San Luis Obispo. With Vaccines rolling out, our little town of SLO is growing with more people venturing out and about with masks on face and ready to experience everything we have to offer. Right now we have a lot to offer!

A new coffee shop has hit Monterey Street, called Skippers! If you don’t know, well now you better know. Skippers is Keto Coffee heaven my friends! They have multiple sugar free options, MTC oils and just DARN GOOD COFFEE and SERVICE!

Patrick’s Order: Chocolate Croissant and Hot Cocoa

Kasie’s Order: Iced Keto Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla (no monkfruit)

Just across the perfect SLO Sized parking lot is the not so new Hoagies SLO! While Hoagies has been around the central coast for years (my favorite high school lunch spot!) It is just now coming to San Luis Obispo, and let me tell you my stomach could not be HAPPIER! Again very keto friendly spot, and the food is just phenomenal!

Patrick’s Order: The Pismo Wrap

Kasie’s Order: Shrimp Cocktail & Lettuce Wrapped Cheeseburger

And with summer of course comes our Beach Mini Sessions! Now is the time to take advantage and have some summer fun at the beach! $225 gets you all sorts of beach fun captured! The perfect way to welcome Summer!