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JUNE 10, 2021


You know how important it is to convey a unique and consistent brand, but if you’re using snapshots or stock photos in your marketing materials, your message probably isn’t representing you and your business. Ready to up level your business with brand photos? Read on to discover tips for preparing for your brand photoshoot.

The photos that come from this shoot will be used on your website and social media and will be a big component in successfully branding your business and setting you apart. So let’s put your best foot forward!

If this is your first brand photoshoot there are some things you will want to do to prepare so you can be confident you’re getting the most out of it. And to help, I asked my good friend Kasie (an amazing and trusted professional photographer) to share her best tips for preparing a brand photoshoot.

SLO Town Studios Business and Brand Photographer Kasie Craig


Meet Kasie Craig, co-owner and photographer at SLO Town Studios. SLO Town is a fun-loving photo and videography team that captures moments that matter. Their style is warm, candid, and natural.

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 ☞ Look at their style and make sure their aesthetic matches that of your brand. What is his or her style? Are the photos candid, posed, warm, moody? Think of your brand; you may absolutely love someone’s moody style, but if your site is bright and airy, the photos will look completely out of place.

 ☞ Get to know them. It is important to feel comfortable, so reach out and chat with them first to make sure you are a good fit. Check them out on social media platforms; see how they interact with people, and read the reviews. And ask around! If you love the look and feel of the photos on a specific website, see if you can find out who took the photos.

 ☞ Make sure brand photos are part of their skill set and services. Everyone has specialties; make sure your photog has done this type of work before. You don’t want to learn during the shoot that they are new to brand photography!

 ☞ Communicate. Make sure the communication with your photographer is easy and clear. Share your ideas with them up front and make sure you are on the same page regarding your needs, wants, and budget.


Work with your photographer to come up with a shot list. 

If you are using these photos for a website, make sure you have enough horizontal shots, as most hero images and banner sections require a landscape orientation.

Where are these photos going and how are you going to use them? Do you need shots of you working in your office, or more candid photos of you around town? Think about all of your marketing materials: your website, PDFs, email signature, Instagram page, etc.

stock image of desk for tips on preparing for brand photoshoot
image of designer for nikkole marie creative studio and branding photoshoot
stock image for branding photos for nikkole marie creative studio website design and brand identity

Pro Tip #1: Have your photographer take a variety of close and far away shots, the format ratio for your site, email signature, etc. will thank you! 

Pro Tip #2: Write out stock images you need as well, maybe just a close up of you holding a journal and pen because you’re a writer? That close-up is a one-of-a-kind stock image that will make your site stand out even more!

Pro Tip # 3: If you are working with a designer, ask them if there are any particular photos they will need for your project and which aspect ratio they need to be. Make sure you know what photos you need and want before you spend the time and money on the photoshoot.

brand photoshoot shot list example
brand photoshoot tips from designer and photographer

Following these tips for preparing brand photoshoot should help you feel more confident and at ease. For more information on brand photography, check out Kasie’s website and follow us both on Instagram! And if you have any questions about brand photography post them over there so we can share them with our followers!

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