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Vow Renewal at Fig Mountain Farm House: Vow Renewal Photographer – Genevieve & Ryan

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2 years ago Genevieve and Ryan tied the knot. While they were married, the day presented some challenges and some what took away from their lovely wedding day. So they opted for a vow renewal with close friends and family at their home and wedding venue a few years later. The day ended up being spectacular.

Genevieve wore a new dress after incorporating the lace and design from her dress into the dream catchers used to decorate the ceremony site.

The subtle use of greenery in the chandelier brought the outdoors inside and livened up the converted Fig Mountain Farmhouse.

There pastor introduced a beautiful ceremony with stories of the couple, the importance of the Bride & Groom’s vows, and their beliefs.

The Bride & Groom also served a private communion with all of their guests.

And it all ended with a kiss and a happy dance!

The bride also put together the center pieces and outdoor fiesta decor for their taco party reception!

Cinnamon Churro Cake anybody???? YUMMY!

I could have played in this field at golden hour for days! I cannot wait to get back to this place!

Ending with a walk into the sunset is the best way to end the day!