Videographer+Photographer team

-Central Coast of California-

Meet Kasie 

Heya! I’m Kasie! As a Central Coast native, I spend most days being blessed that I not only live here, but I get to photograph here. Most days you can find me rocking a pair of shorts, flip flops, and sunglasses while soaking up some sunshine. If I could edit my photos outside, I would. 

I never thought I was going to be a photographer growing up, let alone work in the wedding industry. But with two parents who actively pursued photography as a hobby, the leap wasn’t a long one to make. My business and life partner, Patrick, was the person who gave me the push to make it. 

I started as Patrick’s assistant, running the business, holding the camera bag, and offering support however I could. Then one day, I didn't want to stand on the sideline. As I got to know the potential clients through email and consultations, I was desperate to be the one operating the camera. Finally, that day came and I’d like to say the rest is history, but I think it is my past, present and future. With every passing moment I try to grow as a photographer and business owner. It has become more than a side gig, it's become a lifestyle. 

I would describe my photography style as documentary. I like to capture each family, couple, animal, etc. in their natural element, and as it happens. I don’t want to manufacture the moment, I want to capture it. I love people, hearing their stories, and getting to know who they are. I want to go deeper than who they are as a bride, groom, or couple. I enjoy photography because it allows me a window into my clients world. I want to capture what makes my clients laugh, cry, roll your eyes, and everything in between. 

One of my favorite part of being a photographer is when I get to go home and upload the images! I can’t wait to brew myself a cup of coffee, turn on Gilmore Girls for the Upteenth time and start combing through all the images from the day. Going through the images we capture and choosing the best ones is like reliving all those memories again in slow motion. 

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Meet Patrick 

Hey! I’m Patrick! I am from a small town in  northern California, but, after living on the Central Coast for the past 9 years I consider San Luis Obispo my home. My passion for being behind a camera stems from my love for nature. While I admittedly spend most of my days behind a desk editing new work, hanging out with our pooch Koda, listening to my favorite podcast, and living the “SLO Life”; I can’t help but want to be outside. As a young kid I grew up on 40+ acres that gave me plenty of opportunity for pictures. I wanted to be able to take what I saw every single day and share it with the world. 

When asked what I wanted to be when I was grown up, I would say I wanted to be a Walmart photographer. As I grew up, my dream morphed from Walmart Photographer to Photographer and now videographer. My love for videography comes from all the great movies that have been created. Movies have so much power. They make you laugh, cry, smile all within 90 minutes. 

I shot my first wedding along the beautiful coast line here on the Central Coast, and started to create Patrick V. Photography. After meeting Kasie, we created, SLO Town Studios. Over the years we have learned so much and we have put everything we’ve learned into operation to make the best quality videos and photos possible. 

I would describe my videography style as a blend of real and artistic with smooth transitions between the two. Meaning I love to the small details using them as transitions throughout the day; but I also want to make sure that nothing is manufactured. Some of my favorite moments from different wedding days consist of a grandpa walking the bride down the aisle during a ceremony, or when a young couple’s little boy can’t sit still because he wants to be up on the stage with his parents. These moments can’t be manufactured because they are a 100% real. All of these small details come together to make up the day and that is why I love what I do. 

Showing people the beautiful part of their day. The parts they may have missed or moved to quickly by, all the little details. I choose to make memories of people’s best days because most people are moving too fast to be able to fully enjoy how great it actually was. With a video they can go back and see them for the rest of their lives.

To catch some behind the scenes actions and just mine and Kasie’s daily life, follow our instagram and check out our stories: @SLOTownStudios

-Briana H.

"Kasie and Patrick have a ton of experience in the photography business, and they are absolutely amazing. In any setting from engagement shoots to senior photos, they are reasonably priced and very accommodating. Thank you SLO Town Photography!"