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April 10, 2020

Bri and Alex: Yosemite Engagement Photographer

OHHHHH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSSS! This was a dream come true! A wintery amazingness Yosemite dream come true! Let me start by saying, Yosemite is my favorite place on earth! There is something special about that place to so many different people. For me it takes me back to my roots. Nature photography is a passion that Patrick and I share and of course, in my entirely biased opinion, Yosemite is the place to visit for all those nature scapes and more! Soooooo without further ado! Check out this super fun couples session in Yosemite’s Winter Wonderland!

The winter landscape, which mind you hit us in November! I thought we would be having a lovely fall photo shoot with red, orange and yellow foliage everywhere! Cue, 2 days prior to trip, a lovely winter storm causing a whomping 5 feet of snow! ON THE VALLEY FLOOR! Anyways the winter landscape was gorgeous, pillows of white lined the floor with a lovely icy reflection was along the river.

These two were such amazing sports and well super amazing swing dancers, so we had so much fun photographing that as well!

Snowy cuddles and snuggles!

THE GRANITE! The granite walls were so amazing with there blanket of snow!

Valley View Portraits during the snow in Yosemite! Don’t mind these amazing troopers standing in 23 degrees fahrenheit! They only just almost passed from frost bite! Anything for the photo!

Thats a wrap!

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