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SLO Town Studios

Welcome to Our Home! // SLO Real Estate Photographer

Quarantine hit so of course we got creative with how we use our camera! And photographing our newly decorated home seemed like the perfect subject when you are stuck at home.

Pictured here is our living room. This space was such a challenge because of how it was built. There isn’t a true center to the room that made full sense, and we played with the space a lot, and I mean a lot before finally deciding how this space would be best utilized.

We started off creating a new focal point by moving the TV by the door and adding in an entertainment center. Before our tv had hung above the fireplace which was great in concept except the fireplace wasn’t centered on the wall so the couch wasn’t centered with the TV and UGHHH I just CAN’T. Soooo we moved the TV as seen above.

To help keep an overall theme we left the eucalyptus spread throughout the house so that it all flowed together.

And added in a mirror to create space. NOT to mention this adorable sign that we found at Hobby Lobby!!! DEAR GOODNESS ME its like the sign just GETS US!

So above is my fun off centered wall that sits directly across from my non centered fireplace. There was this great nook that made absolutely no sense so we got custom with it. Of course now this is my favorite part of the house! SERIOUSLY! MY! FAVORITE!

Adding in the Book Nook was an awesome idea for a few reasons! One it filled the space, Two totally functional, and Three it fixed our lack of seating area problem! Where did I buy this nook? WELP I didn’t my mom and her super nifty boyfriend built it custom for our place. SO AWESOME! The drawers are actually 36 inches deep so they hold a bunch of my books! SO many but not all of them, haha!

Keeping with the book nook theme we added in another black iron piece like the mirror and the hands on the clock. We found the bookcase at Marshalls and loved that it added a little design to the place. AND OF COURSE We have our Home Body Book on display, because seriously Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal!

Some of our small details are our fuzzy cover that we place on top of our ottoman to warm it up a bit. The tray so we had a place to throw remotes and our copies of the magnolia journal. Patrick’s fun addition was the moose horns to double as a key holder!

Last minute additions we added was a hanging plant to bring some more green, the edison bulb reading light to light up the book nook and add a vintage tone to the corner, and the blanket ladder so we can have a clean look to my fuzzy blanket obsession.

Above is a picture of our coffee corner/ breakfast bar. This was another funky empty space in the place that needed a functional filler. One of our photography clients built the bar for us and stained it grey and white to help tie in our colors since it can be seen from every spot down stairs.

Lastly, our kitchen (obvi!) We have two roommates, so a 4 person home means very full cupboards and a lack of space! It was fun to get creative with the gap above the sink and even using the rug to help tie in the rest of the decor.

Above the sink we added two shelves to hold our prized possessions (wine) and of course our Hearth and Hand Plates and Bowls from Target. We opted for the display shelf so that the rest of the cupboards could be used for our growing mug collection, tupperware, cooking pans and food. We had limited space so getting creative is a must. We chose to paint them grey to match our coffee counter and added used black metal brackets to tie in the rest of the black iron in the house.

Can’t forget the dinner bell! Since we moved in this little (random) wall always bothered me but it is also the perfect size for our dinner bell. Growing up we always had a dinner bell outside and my sister and I would compete to be the one to ring it when dinner was ready. It was a fun tradition to incorporate into our home now.

You can also see some of our smaller kitchen details: Magnolia Kitchen Cookbook, bamboo cookbook holder, our lazy susan from target acts as an an easy way to access the back corner, knife holder, utensil holder, and our fun magnets.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our place. Feel free to comment away with any questions you may have!

  1. Living room ottoman
  2. Lazy Susan
  3. Magnolia Table CookBook
  4. Bamboo Book Holder
  5. BookNook Lighting Fixture
  6. Feux Fur Cover
  7. Throw Pillows