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Why Choose a Photo & Video Team For Your Wedding!!

There are a lot of really awesome reasons to hire a photo and video team for your wedding day! Ranging from the flow of the day to the price you pay, here are our top four things to consider about hiring a photography and videography team for your wedding!

1. Your Flow

During a wedding there are routinely tens of vendors around you at any given time. From the time you’re getting ready to the time your dancing as a newly married couple, there is flow to your day that you have put a lot of planning into, and there may not always be room for all your vendors. A lot of times a photographer might have an assistant and the videographer the same. Hiring a Photo and Video team cuts down on the amount of people around you, means you won’t have to do posing for a photo team and then a video team, and ultimately allows you to enjoy more time with family and friends.

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2. Cohesive Style

When booking vendors, photography is usually one of the first items booked. Videography on the other hand is usually left towards the end of the shopping process. Sometimes that can mean receiving two completely different products later on. This can be a really amazing thing if you have a wide range of tastes. This can be a disastrous thing if you end up loving your photos and wishing you had the same for your video. A Photo and Video team eliminates this by working closely together to get you the same product through both photo and video. For example, SLO Towns’ style is candid and warm in both our photos and videos!

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3. Putting your mind at ease

Shopping for wedding vendors is more like researching than shopping and can mean a lot of homework. The stress of shopping can get to be a lot! BUT… hiring a photo and video team knocks two vendors off your list and adds a very good resource for answering a lot of wedding vendor shopping related questions. Theres a good chance the team you hire can give you the fast track on the vendors they find can do the best job for your special day.

Not to mention…. One Contract! One Deposit! One Point of Contact!

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4. Price

Booking a photographer and videographer for your wedding is one of the most expensive vendors you will book! If you are on a tight budget, this can be super stressful, BUT you definitely don’t want to sacrifice quality in this regard. As is the case with our packages, and a lot of other individual vendors, the more services the better the value of your package. For instance, booking photo and video seperatly could end up costing you more then if you had just booked a photo/video team. Our Dream Team packages are more affordable then booking our photo and video packages seperately because we work together! Travel together! Communicate for the same wedding! Etc.! Hiring your very own team for photo and video allows you to slip into a lower price point as your going through less companies and and essentially hiring less vendors.

Santa Barbara Elopement
Santa Barbara Elopement