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Santa Barbara Elopement

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of that bouquet? Just look at those sharp reds, deep purples, and how it’s tied together with pops of blue and the green foliage. Gorgeous. Also, who would have thought that the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History would make such a unique and gorgeous location for a marriage?

This couple proved to us that any venue can be made a wedding venue, and we are very fond of the other unexpectedly pleasant backdrops from the dinosaur exhibits.

This couple chose to elope in 2020 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. The museum boasts large archways and clay roofs and tiles, common with Spanish Mission architecture. These details add character and texture to the photos without taking away from the Bride and Groom. The landscape is filled with beautiful natural trees and rocks which the Bride and Groom were officiated among. The picture below with the couple on the steps in front of an archway door shows the amazing detail that went into this historical building. Palm trees compliment the building while the white stucco, details on the doors, and the clay roof and steps make the building the perfect backdrop to the Bride and Groom’s special day.

We can’t forget the Bride’s beautiful gown. The focus is on the floral lace detail in the long sleeve top with the perfect princess gown. Her hair was done with a simplistic delicate beaded headband which created the perfect look for this Bride on her big day. We can’t forget about the Groom! He was put together in a sharp gray suit and blue tie. The look of love and playfulness shared between this couple is obvious even from the pictures. We wish this couple happiness and love for all the years to come.

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