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July 22, 2019

Gabrielle: Cal Poly Senior Photographer

Gabrielle Duong

My first go around with Cal Poly Senior Portraits was a huge success. Gabrielle was so much fun to take pictures of. Each Senior Session starts with a quick chat, we get to know each other, go over the flow of the day and then we hop to it. My shooting style for senior photography sessions are relaxed and fun. We put whatever your music genre of choice is on and get into our flow. I coach you through all the poses and show you how it looks straight on the camera! We chat about your future plans and your favorite parts of college and goodness, it is just so much fun! Gabrielle and I started her session in San Luis Obispo and then headed to Avila Beach. Both senior photography sessions offered a wide variety of backdrops and plenty of room to frolic. 

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