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Halloween Photography Fun

Trick or Treat?

Black cats and witches hats. Spooky ghosts and party hosts. Pumpkins have a face and zombie walk at a slow pace.

It’s Halloween season and as you can tell, we love a creative and festive photoshoot. Last year, we went to Oceano Dunes and had fun with smoke bombs, jack ‘o’ lanterns, and all things dark and spooky.

Our stunning model had serious Vampire queen vibes with her black floor length lace dress. Her black nails, dark eye makeup, and deep red lips added to the look by giving sharp contrast against her light skin.

Our smoke bombs were the highlight of the shoot that we all enjoyed. Just look how the color of the smoke was captured, especially when the green and purple came together surrounding our model in magic.

Those black and white roses gave us the perfect accessory for our model to use throughout the shoot, the black with the sparkles gave just enough glam with gloom. Of course, we couldn’t do a Halloween shoot without the Jack ‘o’ lantern and he played his part just right.

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